Bukedi, Lango, Teso, Eastern Province Zebu
Southern Sudan Zebu
Special Characteristics: 
Small fine-boned, hump varies in size but usually large and hanging backwards in the bull.
Main Location: 
Maintained by Hamitic, Nilotic and Banti tribes, and hence various names are used; found mainly in north-eastern Uganda in the Pallisa, Iganga, Kamuli and Tororo areas; recently also in Soroti and Serere districts after recent cattle raids of the Teso district, where the Nkedi used to represent the dominant cattle.
The Small East African Zebu are believed to have descended from the recent introductions of zebu into Africa from Asia, and some may have ancestral linkages with cattle of the Large East African Zebu group. The breeds or strains that belong to the group of Southern Sudan Zebu are believed to have been brought south from the Nile Valley of northern Sudan two centuries ago. The Nkedi of north-eastern Uganda are thought to have come to their present breeding area from southern Sudan. Earlier the Nkedi cattle were classified with the Mongalla and the Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu (Rege and Tawah, 1999).