Rwanda Sanga, Burundi Sanga, Kivu (in DR Congo).
Ankole group
Special Characteristics: 
Long, massive horns (the longest Ankole horns), medium body size and relatively short neck; legs are weak; coat colour is fawn to red-brown or mahogany-brown, mostly in plain pattern, with some animals being pied, speckled or white. The best developed Watusi cattle are found along the Ruzizi river on the borders of Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo.
Main Location: 
Found all over Burundi and Rwanda and in Kivu area of the adjoining Kivu area of eastern DR Congo. They are also found in Uganda.
The original cattle were brought to western and southern Uganda by Hamitic tribes migrating from north-eastern Africa and possibly the Sahel in the 13th and 14th centuries. The Ankole cattle with their characteristic long horns probably evolved in around present-day Uganda, and developed further into the five breeds of this Sanga group. Tutsi (Watusi) people arrived with their massive horned Ankole cattle in present-day Rwanda and Burundi around the 14th century. Currently, the Watusi cattle account for almost all the national herd of Burundi and most of it in Rwanda.